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Fresh out of Amucks Glitter Tumbler

Fresh out of Amucks Glitter Tumbler

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Are you just FRESH out of amucks? I hear you! 

Keep your PSL hot while you're fresh out of amucks!

Take your stainless steel, double wall, insulated tumbler to keep your beverage of choice cold (or hot) for hours! Glitter Tumblers are mostly Hogg brand and available in 10 to 30 oz stainless steel! These are not dishwasher safe, so please give this baby a bath in the sink. Your tumbler has a gorgeous, orange glitter, all laid by hand. It's finished with an black decal sealed in an FDA compliant epoxy for a smooth as glass, finish!

Processing time varies so please confirm the current turnaround time on the banner at the top of the home page! They do take a little bit to cure to make sure they're ready for you! Let me make you a tumbler today!